How To Deal With A Gemini Man? 16 Top Tips

Not to worry, after experiencing one extreme, you’ll find your Gemini ready to sample its opposite extreme and within short order. A job with some level of socializing is typically necessary for a Gemini. Whether working with clients one-on-one or in larger groups as a community organizer, Gemini likes to get out into the world and learn about people.

They will give each other plenty of space and time to themselves. However, neither of them will want to talk about their emotions, so they won’t communicate well. Gemini and Pisces are both horrible at decision-making. When they hang out, they’re going to have a hard time figuring out what to do together. They will want the other person to make the decision. Neither of them will want to act as the leader, which could cause tension.

We’re back to the whole “two-faced” stereotype of a Gemini! Sometimes, you might feel like you’re dating two men instead of just one. A Gemini man seems to have two modes – one is always go, full speed ahead, but it’s danger zone if he hits a low. These mood swings can happen suddenly and without much warning, but the good news is, a Gemini doesn’t stay down for long.

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Since they rely on intellect and good judgment much more than emotions, they have a rational side which makes them truly admirable. They know how to separate their feelings from what’s logical while valuing both equally. When dating a Gemini man or falling in love with this amicable and super-fun personality, one thing we can guarantee is that you will never get bored. Gemini men are often sociable, attractive and most probably the charmer in the corner of the room whose jokes everyone will be laughing at. Aquarius loves traveling, but he doesn’t want to go somewhere that his friends have gone before. And if he does go to Paris, he does not want to see the Eiffel Tower!

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Just be prepared for the lows that come with the frequent highs. It should come as no surprise that the Gemini man’s personality lends itself very well to any type of hard-charging, constantly moving environment. It’s hardly unusual to see a Gemini male as a highly successful salesperson, given his gift of chatting and appetite for meeting new people. Unlike say, Taurus, Gemini can get super bored with Netflix and chill nights all the time. They keep a robust social calendar and have a zillion hobbies. So if you’re crushing on a Gemini, start creating your date night bucket list now.

Easy Tips to Help You Date a Gemini Man

Every zodiac sign belongs to a natural element, and Gemini is one of the three air signs. A Gemini guy is most compatible with his fellow air signs, Libra and Aquarius. If you want to know how to make a Gemini man miss you, keep in mind he is attracted to people based on experiences, not emotions.

Something that will always rile him up, however, is whatever cause he’s devoted himself to. If he hears of a rally or protest, he’ll put everything else on pause so he can attend—and he’ll want to bring you along too. If you’re not politically knowledgable and involved in activism, that’s kind of a turn-off for Aquarius.

When he’s at his best, you wouldn’t want to be with anyone else in the world. Still, those who have Gemini as a friend already know that he bounces around, spending time with multiple circles of friends. It takes a strong person to maintain a bond with someone who has so many friendships to nurture. This is the type of guy who has the personality that is interchangeable. You never really know who you’re going to wake up to from day to day. Like a box of chocolates, you’re never sure what you may get.

Gemini is an air sign along with Librans and Aquarians. This means that they are meant to give us all a breath of life – perhaps why Geminis are so often the life and soul of any party. One of the reasons that a Gemini man is so fun-loving and a reason why he has such a magnetic personality is that he is so enthusiastic and positive about life. He never says no to an offer and is keen to make the most of his time. The boyfriend or girlfriend of a Gemini man needs to ensure that they are affectionate towards them for several reasons. Firstly, affection is a way of reassuring him of the consistency of your feelings towards him.

Signs a Gemini man likes you?

This is part of what makes him very interesting to talk with. Gemini Zodiac Sign is the binary sign of the twins. This third sign of the zodiac is the first of four Mutable signs. This means that whatever a cardinal sign begins and a fixed sign carries through, a mutable sign completes an editorial eye. Gemini zodiac is the first of the three Air elements, and Mercury rules it.

Geminis love their sense of reason and understanding, and want to spread their knowledge to others. This cerebral connection means they are also intuitive. I’m glad that you found similarities with your own Gemini man experience. I’m hoping that you’re looking mostly at the pros and that your own relationship is going well. Gemini men can be tricky but if you’d really like to know more about them, check out my books on Gemini man secrets. You now receive4 amazing guides PLUS my “VIP CONSULTING” to ask me anything— all for the price of just 1 guide!

Gemini is always out and about, soaking up new experiences. Taurus prefers a quiet day at home, enjoying life’s comforts. These two are very different, and so finding a healthy groove could be a struggle. Gemini will need to lean in and compromise because Taurus dreams of a sweet romance. Though these two sun signs aren’t super compatible, in romance, Mercury and Venus are probably more important. Gemini and Aquarius are all about freedom, intellect, and growth, which is exactly why they make such a great pair.

Leaving whenever they feel like without considering others is all part of the Gemini package. This behaviour usually comes from a place of insecurity. If you feed him plenty of compliments and comment on his achievements then over time he should change for the better. A true Gemini guy is a master wordsmith and will lure you in with all the promises under the sun.

They know what they want and they don’t give up, so a Gemini really has nowhere to escape when an Aries has them in their sight. It’s that overly friendly, very outgoing personality of theirs. You’ll usually find quite a large friend group around a Gemini man, with plenty Xpress of others you may consider “competition”. To a Gemini, everyone is considered a friend until proven otherwise, so they accept anyone into their life happily. If you’ve been with your Gemini man for awhile, you probably have accepted the pros and cons already.