James Lafferty Reveals His Favorite Nathan And Haley ‘One Tree Hill’ Story Line

Despite various problems in their relationship, the couple remains together married for most of the shows run, and had a son, Jamie, in season four and a daughter, Lydia, in season eight. According to Meaww, “The Carrie Diaries” actor was once engaged to a real estate agent only known as James, whom she began dating in 2007 before she became a star. Their engagement didn’t last and Agyeman went on to date “Game of Thrones” actor Luke Roberts in 2010.

I wish you could be sitting in the church as I give my vows and promise to love my future husband as deeply as you loved me and our entire family. Nathan and Haley Scott had so many ups and downs in their relationship, but their love for each other never swayed. They can botch teach us a lot about relationships and life in general.

When Nathan teased Haley about being a nerd in school.

Fans of teenage, high school drama from the early 2000s will very fondly remember Jamie Scott, the adorable son of Nathan and Haley James Scott. The role was played to great aplomb by Jackson Brundage, then a child actor from California. The 37-year-old actor dated Sophia Bush for two years during her character Erin Lindsey’s stint on the show. After they split in 2016, Jesse began a relationship with formerChicago Med star Torrey DeVitto, officially confirming their romance in August 2018. However, the pair announced they had gone their separate ways in May 2019.

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On Sept. 15, Nathan shared a pic of himself on Instagram by a lake. In the final episode, Nathan and Holly said, “I love you,” to each other, so it seemed like things were going well between them. Not only are they the best couple on the show, they’re one of the best teen drama couples ever. On “Modern Family,” Nathan Fillion’s vain character, a TV weatherman Vinylly appropriately named Rainer Shine, pursues Haley — despite an age difference that makes everyone uncomfortable. Although they are very briefly engaged (five minutes!), Haley and Rainer’s relationship was not meant to last. Her coming out inspired an epidosde of “Brooklyn 99” in which Diaz, Beatriz’s tough-as-nails character, also came out as bisexual.

Pictures were later circulated of Hiddleson and Dennings holding hands. Like with many other high profile stars, the two never actually confirmed that they were dating. The relationship between Hiddleston and Dennings was quite brief, seemingly more of a fling than an actual partnership.

According to Instagram, Christina and Robert are still happily together. Just hours after Melinda and Peter revealed they were together Christina and Robert posted bikini-clad pics on Instagram telling fans they are very much still an item. Awkwardness aside, it seems nothing could get in the way of Cam and Emily’s budding romance. Speaking on the THTH Reunion, Cam revealed he’d actually moved in with Emily, and they’d hardly spent any time apart since filming ended.

In an interview withEntertainment Weekly in 2005, Shepard admitted “It’s hard to do a show and keep your relationships with everybody. I remember at one point in the show, it had gotten to where we just hated each other. Imagine having to work with someone you hated for four long years. Glee fans watched the different pairings of their favorite students on the hit musical show.

Talking about his education, Nathan is only a high school graduate as he decided to quit his education and established a merchandise store. But, er, it seems Nathan’s definitely still got the hots for Larissa. He responded to one of her Instagram posts, in which she wrote, “Me realising I’m Lana’s favourite,” saying, “And I’m your favourite ?? Right 😇.” Larissa neither confirmed nor denied, simply replying, “👀.”

It was later revealed through Eggold’s rep that the two had been friends for years through their NBC connection. The actor also spoke about the things he enjoyed doing the most, away from the set. “I like skateboarding with my friends jumping on my trampoline that I have at home,” he explained. “I like hanging out with my friends, playing lots of sports, going down to the park – because the park is right down the street from our house. I like doing most stuff outside.”

“The Originals” mermaid Claire Holt found her forever after with the real estate executive, Andrew Joblin, whom she married during an intimate ceremony in August 2018. Westley, who was divorced at the time, and Tonkin’s relationship lasted four years, during which they broke up and got back together a few times. Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin has garnered an unrivaled international fan-following by playing completely everything, from a mermaid to a werewolf. And after his departure in Season 6, Lucas returned to Tree Hill for a brief moment on One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 7.